• Risk Free:
    No minimum contract length. You pay based on daily use and you can cancel at any time.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • User Team Management comes as standard.
  • There is a standard package for most group sizes. Contact us if you need something different.

14 Day Free Trial

Start today. No commitment or payment details required.

We will send you payment details at the end of your trial if you wish to proceed.

Getting started »

Individual Group Packages

Great for individual groups such as families, professional carers or community groups.

Community volunteer groups should check with your local council authority and voluntary association who may be sponsoring it making it free for your group.

Max. number
of clients
Max. number of groupsPrice/day
(inc. VAT)
In a year this
would be
(inc. VAT)

Sponsoring Organisation Packages

Scaled up for Councils, Regional or National Voluntary Associations/Services, Housing Associations, other Sponsoring Organisations

Max. number
of clients
Max. number
of groups
(excl. VAT)
In a year this
would be
(excl. VAT)

Multi-group prices work out at about £1/year per client.

Contact our Sales Team if you are a sponsoring organisation, otherwise just get started with the free trial.

See below regarding our no quibble cancellation and refunds policy.

Getting Started

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that your community will benefit from CHAI Community.

For this reason, after the free trial, there is no minimum contract length, subject to a small cancellation administration fee to cover our costs (max £36 inc. VAT or capped at 30 days worth of your fees, whichever is smaller).

Individual Groups

Individual groups can simply start the 14 day free trial with no commitment. It is a live server and you can use real client data – privacy is protected from the outset.

After the free trial period

We will email you after 14 days to establish if you would like to proceed and/or provide feedback. If you wish to proceed we will invoice you accordingly and payment is due within 30 days. You can continue using CHAI Community uninterrupted from the moment you start the trial.

Organisations sponsoring multiple groups

If you are an organisation representing multiple groups then contact our Sales Team first. We will provide you with access to our free demo server and you can share this with several groups (there is no need for them to register individually for the free trial). We can also arrange a video conference demonstration if you like.

For use by multiple groups, you will be purchasing a dedicated server with a name of your choice on it (e.g. “”) and all your groups will use this server.

If you wish to proceed after the demonstration, let us know which plan you require and we can usually set you up on the same working day, and your groups can start straight away. There is no admin required on your part other than providing your groups with the server name – each individual group can register themselves.

Once your server is running we will invoice you accordingly and payment is due within 30 days. If at any stage you cancel your subscription, all the groups will be given the option to move to either a new multi-group server or to start individual groups. There will be a administration fee but no client data will be lost and their will be no significant interruption of service.

Can I really have as many users as I want?

Our pricing is based on the number of clients.

Volunteers are often part time or work irregular shifts, and we don’t want to limit how many you add based on cost. So, all packages include unlimited users as standard.  We only stipulate fair usage to avoid improper use of the service.

Can I change my package?

You can increase or decrease your package at any time subject to an administration fee to cover our costs (£36 inc. VAT).

Any over payments resulting from you selecting a smaller package will be discounted from the administration fee, discounted from next years fees or refunded as necessary.

You only ever pay for what you need.

Help for small community groups with limited funds

If your community group does not have funding for this vital software then please contact our friendly Sales Team.

We may be able to organize a longer risk free period, beyond the free trial, that will enable you to demonstrate to potential sponsors the value your group is providing to your community (we can provide statistics for reduction in loneliness, for example).

We encourage you to speak with your local council or voluntary association and they may be able to purchase a multi-group package and provide your group with free or heavily subsidized access.

The small print

All prices are in pounds sterling, are subject to change without notice and are subject to VAT (or appropriate taxes if purchased from outside the UK). Please note that VAT is already added to individual group prices in the table. Existing customer will always be given at least 30 days notice of a price change, and any prepaid fees will not change. Multi-group packages can be paid monthly or annually, individual groups are payable annually (to reduce admin and keep prices as low as possible).

Please read our full terms and conditions before purchasing.